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Join Me for Free Hollywood Event On November 2, I'll be on the panel to discuss "Finding Your Place in Hollywood in an Ever-Changing Industry"

Movie Construction Kit template Outline template for making a movie

Male First Names for Writers Sample list of male character first names

WriteRoom for Microsoft Word Writing tool for Word users

What is Vodcasting? Explanation of vodcasting technology

Faking a Painted Masterpiece Create a faux prop painting

Video Podcasting or Vodcasting Introductory Tutorial

Last Names for Writers Sample list of character last names

Generate Date-Time for Podcast, Vodcast, or RSS Feed

Making a Prop Sword Look Real to the Camera

Screenwriter Jumpstart poster

Character traits for Writers

Documentaries for Art Directors / Production Designers

Interview with screenwriter Jack Sekowski Also includes free download of a produced script

Dan's Top 10 Tips for Short Film Makers

Free Script Templates

Film glossary of common terms

My Living Memory free short script

Production Tips and Techniques

Frame ratio template

Location Scouting template

No-cost teleprompter

Depth of Field spreadsheet


. Tips and Techniques

Here I will collect relevant information that I didn't include in the Nuts and Bolts book. Most of this information comes from my own direct on-set experience. 

Shooting Food Here are some tips that will help you film food for everything from dinner scenes to food fights.

Dan's Top 10 Tips for Short Film Makers Here are some guidelines that will help you make your short films the best they can be.

Adam and Amy storyboarding Templates The Adam actor and Amy actress useful for storyboarding in Nuts and Bolts are included here in both GIF and PDF form. 

Free Script Templates Downloadable screenplay/script templates for film, television, and radio. 

. Downloads

The downloads section contains free downloads of templates, information, and other items. Most of these items are from my Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking book. Feel free to use them, but I maintain copyright on them.

Frame ratio template N & B Filmmaking shows the various proportional screen ratios (television, Mini-DV, 16mm, etc.). Here are the templates in both Acrobat PDF and GIF format.

Depth of Field Spreadsheet N&B Filmmaking includes instructions of building a using a DOF chart. Download the Excel file here!

Location Scouting template N&B Filmmaking includes location scouting instructions and a template for evaluating locations. Download the template here!

Slate template N&B Filmmaking includes instructions for storyboarding on making a film slate/clacker. Here is the template for the character slots of the slate. Download the template here!

Adam Actor, Amy Actress In the storyboarding chapter of Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking, you're introduced to Adam Actor and Amy Actress. Here are the basic templates for these storyboarding characters in Adobe Illustrator format. Download them here!

. Free Screenplays & Scripts

The Free Screenplays & Scripts section holds some of the short scripts that I've written that you can use for your own films. If you want to shoot them yourself, please do at no cost (just a screenwriting credit, please). If you want to modify/adapt them and shoot them, please do at no cost (you must still list me as a co-writer ;-) though). If you do shoot a film based on one of my scripts, send me some information about it and I'll help you promote it.

My Living Memory A ghost story script with a little Twilight Zone in it (19 pages)

Printing Trouble The first short film I shot. This taught me a lot about filmmaking and was great preparation for starting to work in Hollywood. It gave me a great idea of how much I didn't know. (14 pages)

Interview with screenwriter Jack Sekowski Also includes free download of a produced script

Autumn A small script that I shot as a proof-of-concept for some motion graphics I was working on. Good for a super-short short (2 pages) -- Coming soon





Screenwriter Jumpstart poster
Screenwriter Jumpstart Poster by Dan Rahmel