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Hello Newton users,

Coherent Visual began shipping products for the Apple Newton back in 1994. We saw the potential of the great platform at that time are thoroughly enjoyed working with the avid Newton community. Recently, Apple Computer, Inc. has decided to discontinue the Newton technology.

It will be sad to see the Newton go, but in support of the remaining users, we have decided to release all of our Newton products as freeware. Unfortunately we cannot provide any tech support for the products.

Perhaps one day Apple will be strong again and release another PDA that launches a new product category and gains the respect of a dedicated core of followers. Until that time, we hope these packages will help you enjoy your great PDA.


The guys at Coherent Visual

The Rahmel Utilities for Newton (RUN) package contains five complete and full featured applications that will each enhance a different aspect your personal and professional life. RUN was created to provide the most commonly requested functions you'll use every day at an affordable price.
  • Expense List: Avoid collecting hundreds of small paper slips, receipts, and notes to track your spending and eliminate the tedium of adding up all your expense categories by hand. Once expenses have been entered, just print or even fax a report that itemizes and totals each category.
  • Mini FlashCards: Enter words, phrases, or sentences on any subject to be learned. You can review a foreign language, current sales goals, facts about a company, or anything you like!
  • Birthday Reminders: Place a reminder of all entered birthdays in your Newton calendar. The program will even set an alarm for the event so that you'll never again miss the birthday of someone important to you.
  • Organization Charter: Quickly and easily construct a hierarchical diagram for use in presentations, reports, or visualizing any hierarchical structure. You can print and fax your charts on demand!
  • Shopping List: You can write the items directly into your Newton or use a pop-menu to enter common items. With its automatic calculation functions, Shopping List lets you know how much your going to spend before you set foot in the store!

    To see a screen shot screen shot click here.

Download the StuffIt file (162 K)
Download the Windows ZIP file (83 K)

Never Misspell Another Word Again!

The most attractive feature of the Newton is that you can use it anywhere. With Rahmel Common Words, you have a portable spelling dictionary of 20,000 words! Quickly find the spelling of any word with the Automatic Search Feature which lets you enter as many letters as you know and speeds to that area of the dictionary! You may also look through all the words simply by using the scrolling arrows.

If you're producing email or you need to add a word to your notebook, simply drag that word into the clipboard. The word can then be easily pasted into any document on the Newton! This ability is invaluable for email that must be letter-perfect or simply to create a good impression.

To see a screen shot screen shot click here.

Download the Common Words StuffIt file (218 K)
Download the Common Words Windows ZIP file (161 K)


Conveniently Learn A Foreign Language Anywhere!

Whether you're at the beach or waiting for an appointment, you can learn the most vital words and sayings of a new language with the Rahmel Language Series Flash Cards. Presented in traditional flash card format, these language sets contain the most common words and phrases of a foreign language for easy study of review.

Each set of Flash Cards contains over 250 words and phrases to help you learn a new language. With Flash Cards, learning and reviewing is both pleasant and convenient. Flash Cards will quiz you in random or sequential order on any of the card sets. To ease the learning of a new language, the words are divided into card sets containing nouns, adjectives, verbs, common phrases, common words, and numbers. And they even come in different levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

With Rahmel Language Series Flash Cards, your Newton becomes a portable classroom!

To ease learning of a new language, the words are divided into card sets containing nouns, adjectives, verbs, common phrases, common words, and numbers.

To see a screen shot screen shot click here

Download the Spanish Flashcards StuffIt file (151 K)
Download the Spanish Flashcards Windows ZIP file (98 K)

Contact Master

This application is incompatible with any version of the Newton after the Newton 110.

Helps track your contacts and appointments.

Download the Contact Master StuffIt file (218 K)
Download the Contact Master Windows ZIP file (112 K)

System Requirements: Any Newton-compatible device, a Newton Connection Kit, a Macintosh computer running System 7 or an IBM PC-compatible running
Windows 3.1 or higher.


Rahmel Utilities for Newton, Language FlashCards, Common Words, Contact Master, Copyright 1994-1998 by Coherent Visual. All rights reserved. Apple and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S.A. and other countries. Apple SuperDrive, the light bulb logo, MessagePad, and Newton are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A.

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