Music Staff Template

Here is a simple template for sheet music for piano, guitar, and other instruments. I needed to write out some of the music I was working on, so I created a simple template with both treble and bass clef staffs.

Sheet Music Print PreviewThe actual drawings are created using the Microsoft Word drawing objects so they can be easily modified. If you need a greater or lesser number of staffs on the page or you want to add a lyric line, this is easy to do. You can even add a custom header (perhaps in color) to personalize your sheet music!

Once you have the template the way you want it, it can easily be printed to a laser or ink jet printer. The template is included in three formats: Word 7, Visio, and Windows Metafile (WMF). If you have Word or Visio, these template are easily modifiable. The WMF file contains a single set of the bass and treble clef staffs and can be loaded into almost any drawing program.

Download Word 7 template (36 K)

Download Visio document (35 K)

Download Windows Metafile of Staff (4.6 K)

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